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Auto Detailing Packages


Ceramic Pro Spokane provides the car detailing Eastern Washington needs for that head turning, perfect shine. Since our business began, we have detailed countless cars while providing customer service from the heart. If your car is in need of a recharge, or if you have fallen out of love with your vehicle, we can help! Our technicians provide elite details to get your vehicle clean again! Detailing adds a valuable preservation value that helps increase the driver’s morale along with the value of the vehicle.

Auto detailing provides a recharge and restores your vehicle from contaminants that affect the Spokane area. With the abundance of precipitation, road salt, trees and insects in the region our cars frequently fall victim to tree sap and water damage. If this is the case for you our technicians can remove these blemishes and get your vehicle back to it’s original self! At Ceramic Pro Spokane we provide interior, exterior and paint correction services to make your car look great!

The best way to protect your investment!

Exterior Detail

This package includes a thorough exterior car wash, deep cleaning of wheels, windows and tire shine.

Interior Detail

This package includes an interior vacuum an interior shampoo and Ceramic Pro interior coatings.

Paint Correction

Paint correction removes existing imperfections, swirling, marring and oxidation. The package includes clay bar, compound polish and can remove anywhere between 30-95% of existing imperfection*

*Dependent on stage of paint correction selected